The Manhattan Project

Trisha Pritikin

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Trisha Pritikin was born and lived ten years in Richland, Washington, just several miles away from the Hanford Site. Her father worked in the 100 Area at Hanford, overseeing some of the reactors, while her mom worked as a secretary at Hanford. In her interview, Pritikin recalls her love of Richland at a young age and describes the happiness of many of the people there. She remembers her move to Spain and her sudden health complications, starting when she was eighteen years old. Pritikin discusses how drastically her health situation deteriorated because of an undiagnosed autoimmune thyroid disorder, and the health challenges she overcame to become a lawyer. She provides an overview of the decades-long litigation efforts decades-long struggle for herself and many other Downwinders who grew up near Hanford, to gain financial compensation for years of health complications due to radiation exposure.