The Manhattan Project

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John Ruminer

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Dr. John Ruminer is a retired engineer, local historian, and a member of the Board of Directors at the Los Alamos Historical Society.

 Ruminer has spent the majority of his career as an engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He previously worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His work in the labs, as well as his life in New Mexico, led to his interests in 109 East Palace and history.

 Ruminer oversees both the Hans Bethe House and the Robert Oppenheimer House, as the historical properties chairman of the Los Alamos Historical Society. He has served as a docent at the Los Alamos History Museum, and is the author of 109 East Palace Avenue: A Microcosm of Santa Fe’s Four Hundred Year History. His book traces the property owners of the famous property that became the gateway to the secret city of Los Alamos.