The Manhattan Project

Oral Histories

Robert Ellingson

Robert Ellingson's Interview

Robert Ellingson came to work on the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where he met his wife and has lived ever since, and speaks fondly of life and work—he was employed in the Y-12 plant—in the “Secret City.”

Evelyn Ellingson

Evelyn Ellingson's Interview

Evelyn Ellingson describes working as a woman at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, expounding on the security measures but also the vibrant social life of a city populated predominantly by young men and women in their early twenties.

Stirling A Colgate

Stirling Auchincloss Colgate's Interview

Stirling Auchincloss Colgate was a student at the Los Alamos Ranch School when the site was chosen for use in the Manhattan Project, and he describes the visits of J. Robert Oppenheimer and other project leaders. Mr. Colgate left Los Alamos to go to college and study physics, later working with many of the renowned scientists from the project.

Colleen Black

Colleen Black's Interview (2005)

Colleen Black was one of the many women who lived and worked in the secret cities of the Manhattan Project. In Oak Ridge, she worked in the leak-testing department, ensuring the efficiency of pipes used during experimental testing. In this first interview, Black discusses everyday life, secrecy, and working as a woman on the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. From housing to security, Ms. Black discusses the hardships of living at Oak Ridge while revealing the positive attitude and happiness of those living there.

Donald Ames Interview

Donald Ames's Interview

Donald Ames describes his experience living and working under Glenn Seaborg at the University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratories as a G.I. in World War II. He later directed the McDonnell Douglas Research Laboratories.