The Manhattan Project

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Robert Thornton

Robert Lyste Thornton was a Canadian-American physicist who oversaw the constuction and operation of the Beta calutron electromagnetic separation Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee during the Manhattan Project.

Thornton joined the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley in 1933 and worked with Ernest Lawrence on the construction of several cyclotrons. In 1940, Thornton left Berkeley to help build a cyclotron at Washington University in St. Louis, where he also taught as an associate professor of physics.

Harold Fidler

Harold Fidler was an Army major and a civil engineer for the Corps of Engineers. Fidler began working at the Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley with Ernest O. Lawrence in the early stages of the Manhattan Project.

Fiddler was responsible for sending weekly reports on the progress that scientists were making to Colonel James C. Marshall, who oversaw the Manhattan Project during its initial stages. Fiddler also ensured that the laboratory received the materials that it needed.


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