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K.T. Keller's Interview - Part 1

Keller: My father was a very poor boy. And, in fact, their family had been broken up when he was eleven years of age. And he was indentured to a Mennonite preacher farmer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania who raised him. And when he was twenty, he went into business as a horse dealer in the town.

Groueff: Your father was a poor man?

Keller: Yes.

Groueff: And not educated?

K.T. Keller

Kaufman Thuma Keller was appointed President of the Chrysler Corporation in 1935, having served as Vice President since 1926.

Keller entered the automotive industry in 1910 as an apprentice without any previous education in engineering or mechanics. He held various jobs including laborer, foreman, and master mechanic for several companies, including the Detroit Medal Products Company, General Motors Company, and the Buick Motor Company.

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