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How to Cite an Interview

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If you quote from an interview, or refer to it, you must cite it. When citing an interview, you should include the following information:

  • Full name of interviewer
  • Full name of interviewee
  • Title of interview
  • Location of interview
  • Date of interview
  • Website interview was found on
  • URL

For example, an interview could be cited in a footnote like this:

Donald Ames, interview by Cynthia C. Kelly, Atomic Heritage Foundation, "Voices of the Manhattan Project," Oak Ridge, TN, September 22, 2005,

An interview could be cited in a bibliography like this:

Donald Ames. "Donald Ames's Interview." By Cynthia C. Kelly, Atomic Heritage Foundation. "Voices of the Manhattan Project." Oak Ridge, TN. September 22, 2005.

There are many different style guides out there, and most have different rules for interview citations, so just be consistent with how you cite!